CAROLINE MULLANEY, Admissions Director at The Gordon School

Leading Ladies 2023


“I’m proud to be working at a school that remains a leader in giving all students and families a sense of belonging, regardless of their race, gender, and economic status,” says Caroline Mullaney, Admissions Director at GORDON SCHOOL. While she didn’t originally consider a career in admissions, Caroline now can’t imagine doing anything else. She loves that every day is different. One moment she might be taking a family on a tour of campus, chatting with a future kindergartener, planning an event with middle schoolers, or explaining the value of Family Individualized Tuition – but always, Caroline’s number one job is making everyone feel welcome. “Feeling like we belong plays such a big role in our experience,” she explains. “I’m grateful that I get to help families find a sense of belonging at Gordon, and grateful that I found it here myself.” This fall, Caroline is excited that they will be launching

the Gordon Family Table, making lunch community-inclusive for everyone: students, faculty, and staff. “Food will connect to our curriculum, our equity and sustainability efforts, and help link our community together.”

45 Maxfield Avenue, Providence, 401-434-3833,


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