CARMEN GRINKIS, PHD, CLTC, CLU®, CFP®, Wealth Advisor & Co-Managing Partner AAF Wealth Management

Leading Ladies 2023



I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology and started my career with fifteen years’ experience as a practicing psychologist. This perspective now benefits my awareness and approach when working with Personal Financial Planning clients. As a matter of fact, the CFP® Board recently introduced the Psychology of Financial Planning as a new Principal Knowledge Domain, which they define as “identifying and responding to attitudes, behaviors, and situations that impact decision-making and financial well-being.”

As a Psychologist and a CFP® CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional, I am so grateful that my prior skills have come full circle into my day- to-day life with clients. I am comfortable and experienced with crisis management, family conflict, and aiding clients through personal challenges. For example, I work with many widows and widowers as they

navigate into a new world without their loved one by their side.

For each client, goals are personal, unique, and in progress, and I start each new client relationship by fully understanding their vision, opportunities, and challenges. And, although managing client assets and resources is central to our work together, much of the true work is accompanying the client through life’s journeys, ups and downs, and with the hope of providing peace of mind and encouragement towards personal fulfillment. We discuss difficult topics about mortality and life’s personal purpose such as “what is the life you have, the life you envision, and what do you want to leave behind?”

Each client is unique, which keeps me aware and open, observing, reading, wondering, thinking, and questioning. I am a curious person. And luckily for me, my clients provide ample opportunities for me to foster my curiosity. 401-573-4240


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