Bristol's New Barbecue Haven

Enjoy over 80 wing sauces at Wing-N-It Grille & Bar


Wing-N-It Grille & Bar is a lodge style barbecue joint based in Bristol offering up sweet, sticky, spicy and smoked delectables. Owner Charles Frizado Jr.’s passion for wings and barbecue paired with the talent of experienced chefs makes for an impressive menu featuring over 80 homemade sauces.

Why wings and barbecue?
I chose to open a wing/barbecue establishment because I have always had a true passion for wings. When I lived in Pennsylvania for over eight years, I was introduced to true barbecue cooking. When I returned home, I noticed there was no true barbecue food in this area.

Tell us a little about the barbecue masters in the Wing-N-It kitchen.
Chef Don Finkbeiner has been in the restaurant industry for 40 years. Kevin Grant has spent his entire career in the Army as a Ranger serving our country; he got into cooking professionally after his career to show his passion for culinary arts. When they joined my team we spent many hours perfecting all our sauces and rubs to offer more than any place around.

You have over 80 homemade sauces including some super spicy ones.
I’ve had a passion for wings most of my life, so coming up with wing flavors has always been pretty natural. As I tell my team, “let’s always think outside the box.” So once I gathered my team we sat down and tested each individual one and developed 80 different ones so far, though the list keeps growing.

Beer and barbecue is a classic combo. Which pairings do you like?
I designed the beer selection around trying to stay with craft beers mostly because I like to support small businesses, and most craft beers are just that little, guys in a big ocean. We have a Smoked Porter, Dogfish Head 60-Minute IPA, Double Bag, Brown Bag IPA, all of which pair well with any of our barbecue items. We also have Harpoon Stout for those who drink stouts.

What’s your idea of the perfect barbecue meal?
The Wagon Wheel, which has a little bit of all of our smoked barbecue: ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, brisket, our own house-made smoked chourico and jalapeño cheddar sausage. It is good for a family of four or just two really hungry people.
Wing-N-It has an event room seating up to 154 guests and a bake shop featuring pies, brownies, cakes, specialty pizzas and more, all made daily, in house.

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