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A dream come to true for ice cream lovers


Customers in the East Bay are expecting another homemade ice cream shop to stick around. Opened in 2000, the Daily Scoop has become a staple of Barrington with another location in Bristol. Owners Deb and Bob Saunders both grew up in Barrington where no homemade ice cream was to be found. After the couple met in 1990, they realized they had a shared passion for ice cream. While other New Englanders were enjoying lobsters in the summertime, Deb and Bob would peruse the countryside searching for local, homemade ice cream. Much to their chagrin, this sought after treat did not materialize. But rather than let disappointment take hold, Deb and Bob took the opportunity to educate themselves on the soup-to-nuts operation of homemade ice cream creation. Taking ice cream manufacturing classes at the University of Maryland and Penn State, Deb and Bob started to formulate their dream.

Their ice cream shop and manufacturing facility opened its doors in Barrington in 2000. The Daily Scoop’s dairy supplier never uses BGH, and the Saunders put an emphasis on only using quality ingredients, including fresh fruit from local suppliers and a 16% butterfat content to their ice cream. They also distribute pints of their frozen goodness to supermarkets across Rhode Island, Connecticut and Southeastern Massachusetts. (Locations are available on their website.)

With an array of 40-plus flavors with unique and fun combinations such as Carrot Cake (where they actually bake a cake and put it in the ice cream maker) and Cantaloupe (a must-try), and a focus on real ingredients, (their Pistachio and Mint Chip are not neon green nor is their Orange Sherbet flaming orange), they are dedicated to providing the best experience possible to customers.

However, one cannot speak of the Daily Scoop without mentioning the Apple Pie ice cream. Made with real apples in a light cinnamon sauce combined into ice cream with real pieces of pie crust, it is “summer’s answer to a fall favorite.” Their Coconut Almond Chip ice cream, too, has big chunks of fresh coconut. Going 12 years strong with the philosophy of “after we learn how to make the best ice cream possible, let’s build a really neat ice cream shop, staff it with friendly local kids and share it with everyone,” it’s not a surprise that the response from the community has also been overwhelming.

230 County Road, Barrington. 401-245-0100

446 Thames Street, Bristol. 401-254-2223

Open Mon-Fri 2:30pm-9pm, Sat & Sun 12-9pm.

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