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A Bristol chef on owning a breakfast haven


Green Eggs is a fun name. Is there a story behind it?
Green Eggs was originally Green Eggs and Ham, named for the Dr. Seuss book when I first opened in 1994. I had to change the name to Green Eggs because the Dr Seuss people asked me to.

What inspired you to take over Green Eggs once more after selling it?
I operated Green Eggs until 2003. I thought I wanted a more glamorous job so I opened up a clothing boutique and Green Eggs continued under new management. Running the clothing boutique taught me not to believe every thing I think. In 2007, I went through a change in my life. I wasn’t working. The restaurant was closed down and I went in to see it again. I thought I loved this job, I can do this again. So in 2008, when the restaurant was up for sale, I was ready to reestablish a restaurant. And here we are, four years later with a successful established business.

What do you enjoy about running a restaurant?
I have always worked in restaurants. There is not much I can’t do – from the front of the house to the back. Every person who walks through the doors of Green Eggs is greatly appreciated. I have the most wonderful customers in the world, and that makes my job easy to love.

How does Green Eggs fit into the Bristol scene?
Bristol is a glorious community to be a part of and again, I can’t stress enough, we have the best customers in the world. I’ve shared in the lives of college students who I’ve watched grow up, just from them and their families coming in for breakfast, and have come to love, it’s kind of crazy.

How do you add whimsy to your restaurant?
I changed the decor and made it more like me. I have a whimsy spirit.

What do you love about breakfast?
I love breakfast and I’m really good at making it. I love pancakes filled with fresh fruit. I am a ham and egg person and another favorite of mine are fresh muffins hot out of the oven smeared with butter.

What do you love about serving breakfast?
I love decorating the plates and I always try my best to make a real pretty dish that tastes delicious and fresh, no grease here at Green Eggs.

Do you have a lot of regulars that dine with you?
The greatest blessing of owning and operating my own place is the guests, we have regulars that come every day, once a week or just when they feel like having a real good breakfast.

Are you offering any specials this winter?
I don’t run special priced breakfasts, but we do run fun creative specials everyday. All our food is fresh, that’s what makes it so good.

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