Krisanne Murray

Graphic Designer


Krisanne Murray has spent over 20 years building a successful career in the graphic design industry. Today, she is the sole owner of the woman-owned, Rhode Island-based company DESIGN ROOM, which specializes in marketing, branding, print materials, and web solutions. Krisanne wears many hats, and works with clients on everything from logo development and magazine layout to web design. “I may be a small business, but I still want to make my mark on the world,” says Krisanne. “I’m passionate about helping local businesses leave their mark, too. My success is dependent on their success – we’re all in this together.”

That statement has never been truer than now. Almost exactly one year ago, COVID-19 hit all Rhode Island businesses hard, and unfortunately, among those most impacted were small business owners like Krisanne. But the pandemic did not stop this savvy entrepreneur. Krisanne knows there is always only one response to a roadblock, and that is to persist.

“The need for business growth and evolvement to the current times is not a choice, but a necessity,” says Krisanne. Even before being faced with an unprecedented year, Krisanne was a creative problem solver and expert in overcoming obstacles that might come her way – she knows that as a small business owner, you not only need a Plan B, but possibly a Plan C.

“I deeply value the relationships I’ve made with both clients and vendors,” says Krisanne, who is committed to strengthening these connections that she values so seriously. She is also determined for her company – and the clients she designs for – to move forward into a brighter future.

With her head held high, Krisanne says, “Better times are ahead for all Rhode Island businesses as long as we continue to build and support one another.” The process might feel long, but step by step, with every purchase, new hire, and committed attitude, the state of the economy grows, and so will Krisanne.

Based in Wakefield • 401-862-5428


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