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Cindie DeMello is bringing California fitness to Barrington


Spend just a few moments with fit and energetic Cindie DeMello, manager of Body Natural Fitness Center in Barrington, and it’s easy to see why she has had years of success as a personal trainer. With a training style best described as “fitness fusion,” she draws upon her own personal fitness background, which includes dance, competitive body building, tennis, running and cycling. Cindie grew up in Massachusetts and earned a degree in Exercise Science from Springfield College, but brought her signature training approach to the East Bay by way of Southern California, where she owned her own fitness studio and developed her unique training style. In 2007 she moved back to the East Coast to be closer to her family and began working at Body Natural, where she became well-known in the area for the Quick-2-Fit boot camp she designed.

When taking part in the all-inclusive two-week program (hence the “2” in Quick-2-Fit), boot camp participants can expect classes that incorporate a number of different exercise modalities: cardio, traditional strength training, functional training, yoga, Pilates and even ballet. Using everything from stability balls and dumbbells to BOSUs and body bars, “you’ll never have the same workout twice,” says Cindie, which helps prevent boredom and plateaus. In addition to the workouts, a key component of the 14-day program is a diet plan, which is designed by a licensed nutritionist.

Cindie’s clientele ranges broadly in both age and ability; her program attracts everyone from athletes looking for an extra edge to “moms and dads who just want to feel good about themselves again.” Once people complete the Quick-2-Fit program, Cindie says they often feel so good and so different from how they felt just weeks earlier, that they want to continue.

So what’s the secret to Quick-2-Fit’s success? According to Cindie, it’s the changes participants see and feel so quickly, both physically and mentally. “When some people come to the program, I can see that their spirits are down. But once they get started and begin to feel better about themselves, it keeps them motivated to stay on the path to fitness.” Despite running the program for several years now, seeing the positive impact it has on her clients’ lives never gets old. “It’s really incredible,” she says. “The results still amaze me every time.”

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