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Matt Gagliano is part personal trainer, part therapist


Matt Gagliano knew early on that his interest in health and fitness would help guide his career track. But while he originally thought that becoming a physical education teacher was his calling, he found that his goals shifted while attending graduate school at Boston University. Simultaneously working toward his master’s degree in education and managing a nearby fitness studio, Matt realized that while either job would offer him the chance to have a leadership role, the creative freedom and program personalization he found in the small gym atmosphere made that professional path feel like a more natural fit.

Matt became the owner of Fitness Together in Barrington in 2007, and the area director for Fitness Together in RI and CT in 2010. At his Barrington studio he trains exercise novices, individuals with health issues and high-level athletes alike – and finds it all equally gratifying. Spending just a short amount of time with Matt in his gym is enough to see that he is deeply invested in helping people realize, reach and even surpass their goals. “The first thing we do is give people a full fitness and lifestyle assessment, which can sometimes turn into a counseling session,” Matt says with a sincere smile. From there, he puts together highly individualized training plans for clients, depending on what they seek to achieve. “We make sure to take a realistic approach, never putting up obstacles, but making sure that a person’s goals are in line with his or her lifestyle.” He encourages his clients to visualize end results and track progress in order to keep themselves motivated and accountable.

Fitness Together does offer small group classes, but as a personal training studio, much of the emphasis is on the one-on-one training. It’s the ability to customize plans for his clients, and change them up to keep things effective and efficient, that Matt likes most – and what he believes keeps clients coming back. Proudly pointing to a bulletin board in his office that’s overflowing with positive testimonials, Matt explains that some people tell him that the best part of their day is coming in to train. “It’s a tangible way for them to see progress in their lives.” It’s obvious that Matt enjoys the time he spends with his clients at Fitness Together as well. Indeed, he is in the enviable position to say that what he does for a living “doesn’t feel like work at all.”

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