Coastal Jewelry For Your Inner Mermaid


There’s a two-mermaid operation going on in Portsmouth’s Island Park village: Mermaid Tears Sea Glass. Whereas Mel St. Laurent is the duo’s creative eye, designing the jewelry, her mother Donna uses her equally keen foraging skills to find the locally sourced sea glass, and her unmatched eye for pairing complementary pieces. Mel and Donna especially love finding embossed sea glass, whether it’s showing a number or an old-timey brand name. Together, their jewelry takes shape, combining metallic elements such as sterling silver and antique copper with the rare and uniquely shaped sea glass, shells, coral and seaweed.

The women of Mermaid Tears are not only inspired by their love for the ocean but also by their shared awe of sea glass. For Mel, “each piece of glass is unique and has its own personality,” telling her what it wants to become. Donna loves the thrill of finding a very old glass piece and enjoys the “almost romantic notion that it’s been out to sea for so long.” Mel and Donna’s designs are available on MermaidTearsSeaGlass.com as well as select dates at the Providence Flea

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