Newport hosts The Great Elephant Migration: July & August 2024

100 life-sized elephant statues grace the cityscape in a call to action


As summer winds arrive, chart a course for Newport and prepare to be moved by a herd of artistic giants narrating a timeless tale of coexistence, conservation, and the immense power of community in safeguarding the natural world. In a striking fusion of art and conservation, Newport is making a significant impression this summer as it hosts The Great Elephant Migration, an art exhibition featuring 100 life-sized elephant statues curated by Art&Newport. Crafted by The Coexistence Collective – a team of over 200 indigenous Indian artisans – these statues serve as more than just a visual spectacle; they are a call to action, promoting the symbiotic relationship between humans and wildlife.

From July 4 to September 6, Newport’s renowned green spaces, including Rough Point, The Breakers, Salve Regina University, and Great Friends Meeting House, are transformed into a makeshift savannah. The elephant statues, each skillfully shaped from the invasive weed lantana camara, serve as ambassadors advocating for nature’s plea for coexistence. Utilizing this particular plant also helps clear protected areas of the weed, thus expanding habitats for native wildlife.

Organized by Elephant Family USA, a nonprofit committed to the protection of Asian wildlife, this initiative marks Newport as its inaugural venue and strives to have a profound impact. Through this exhibition, they aim to spotlight the delicate balance between human development and wildlife preservation. It’s an artistic endeavor pulsing with life, resonating through Newport’s historic streets and encouraging onlookers not just to observe but to engage in the conservation. The project strategically places grand sculptures in key green spaces across the city, inviting both locals and tourists to explore Newport’s picturesque landscapes while connecting
with the art.

Adding a local dimension, Elephant Family has established a partnership with Save the Bay, the Newport-based nonprofit dedicated to marine conservation. This collaboration is poised to amplify the exhibition’s impact through a substantial $10,000 donation from Elephant Family, bolstering local ecology and emphasizing the interconnectedness of global and local conservation efforts.

As these elephantine figures make their stand in Newport, they carry with them stories of survival, harmony, and the intricate bonds that link us to the natural world. This exhibition serves not only as a cultural and artistic spectacle but also as a compelling reminder of the delicate balance between human development and wildlife preservation. Visitors to Newport are encouraged to witness and join these gentle giants in a march toward a more sustainable future. Learn more at



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