Groomed for Greatness

Because Even Pets Need to Be Pampered


The ASPCA recommends bathing your dogs at least once every three months, but for some dogs and their owners, grooming isn’t a walk in the park. Taking your pet to a professional can help keep your pet’s fur, skin, teeth, ears, nails and paws squeaky clean and healthy with none of the stress of doing it yourself.

Bristol is the place to be for all things dog. Designer Dogs Pet Store and Spa is one of the town’s great spots for your four-legged companion. Designer Dog offers everything from small and large dog grooming, all-day daycare services for when you’re at work and a bakery bar with dog treats – all while being a dog supply store. 15 Gooding Avenue, Bristol. 401-254-1118.

Did Fido get dirty rolling in the mud? Don’t worry about tracking it into your house because The Pet Salon in Portsmouth has got you covered. In business since 2000, the Pet Salon is experienced and ready to make your dog or cat entirely clean. The employees attend yearly seminars, trade shows and competitions so your pooch is guaranteed to have the most fashionable ‘do at the park. 205 Clock Tower Square, Portsmouth. 401-682-9400.

Brushing a dog’s teeth can be a challenge, but thankfully the folks at The Animal House of Grooming are pros at it. They also have an array of other services; aside from the traditional baths, haircuts, nail trims and ear cleaning, The Animal House of Grooming also does lion cuts and comb outs for cats, as well as flea, medicated and de-shedding baths. They also have tasty homemade cookies and “breath kickers” for dogs, and collars and leashes for sale for the canine or feline fashionista. 306 Market Street, Warren. 401-247-7387,

Want your dog to be groomed, but not too sure about the whole cage situation? Dirty Dog Pet Grooming prides themselves on their relaxed, cage-free services, from baths to clips and cuts. The best part? Your dog is the only one there – talk about a spa day. 12 Paquin Street, Warren. 401-241-4196,

Unleash your dog’s style at Style Unleashed in Barrington, a posh pet boutique that sells pet supplies and treats. They’re also a dog and cat spa, offering basic grooming and more advanced packages like shed-reduction, hot oil and mud, and flea, medicated and de-skunk baths. 232 Waseca Way, Barrington. 401-245-2600,

While we’ve never had a mink oil treatment, the dogs at Perry’s Plush Pooch have. This doggy super spa styles your pet but also gives them therapeutic flea baths. 1897 E Main Road, Portsmouth. 401-683-3778,

Is there anything Ven-Elger Pet Care Center can’t do? They offer a plethora of services for dogs and cats – from boarding, daycare and grooming – all while being a pet retail store. Grooming services include a complete brush and comb out, pedicure and ear cleaning. Each pet gets two baths – one regular cleaning shampoo and a second that fits your pet’s coat needs like medicated, oatmeal, tar and sulfur and hypoallergenic. To finish it off, a creme rinse, massage, drying and styling. 855 Main Road, Westport. 508-636-8143,

Tidy Tails has over 20 years of experience in the handling and care of pets. They offer a variety of packages like “The Full Groom” that include nail clipping, double bath with natural shampoos, hand blow drying, ear cleaning, gland expression and a bow to top it off. There’s also a ton of extra services like teeth brushing, facials, nail filing and foot scrubs. They’re also brave enough to groom cats, and have extra services, too. 500 Metacom Avenue, Bristol. 401-253-8245,

They say that a happy dog is a trained dog, and we have to agree. It strengthens the bond between human and pet, and life without needing puppy pads just makes everyone happy. 

Crate Escape Pet Care and Training Center in Bristol offers puppy and adult obedience classes, teaching everything from basic manners to leash walking and recall. They also provide pet sitting, dog socials, walking and pet taxi services. 220 High Street, Bristol. 401-441-4560,

Marcia Albert is the trainer at Manypaws Pet Villa and teaches classes emphasizing positive communication. Manypaws offers Puppy School designed for dogs five months and under that focuses on socialization, manners and behavior management, as well as Manners for Life for dogs over five months who have no prior formal training. 1126 Main Road, Westport. 508-636-5566,

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