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It’s important to let your dog be, well, a dog. Dogs were born to run, be in nature and with a pack, so exercise is vitally important for both canines and their humans. Blythe Penna of Ruffin’ Wranglers Dog Excursions (401-419-4318, says that if you provide your dog with the right amount of exercise and socialization you will have a very happy and well behaved dog. 

1. Dogs need to run off lead. For most dogs, a 30-minute leash walk doesn’t cut it. Instead, provide your dog with a safe environment where they can run free, such as a fenced-in dog park or hiking trails away from cars.

2. Dogs need social lives too. Blythe says dogs need the opportunity to socialize separate from their human family when they are young to build their confidence. “We have seen many rescue [dogs] transform before our eyes when they get to develop bonds with other dogs,” she says.

3. Dogs need to be tired. Just like humans, if your pet has pent up energy, it’s difficult to concentrate and can lead to “bad” behavior. Give your dog the opportunity to show you how well behaved they are by providing them with the energy outlet they need. “Wear them out and you will see about 90% of behavioral problems disappear,” Blythe says. “The rest is up to [the owner] and being consistent with training and communication.”

4. Dogs need a routine. Just like children, dogs thrive on routine. They love to get up at the same time every day, eat their breakfast, get exercise, nap, get exercise, eat dinner and cuddle. If you provide your dog with exercise and love, you will be connected and a connected parent is one that can anticipate the needs of their animal.

5. Dogs need to be fit. Blythe says that dogs that are overweight are simply unhealthy. “You are greatly reducing not only their enjoyment of life, but their time with you,” she explains. Spend time exercising with your dog and both of you will be able to enjoy life so much more. If you don’t have the time to commit then hire a company that can provide your dog with the exercise and socialization they need.

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