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The Davitt Team believes that building your dream house shouldn’t be a nightmare. We’ve all heard the horror stories associated with construction, from exceeding original budgets to being months behind in the schedule. For over 30 years, Davitt Design Build has not only designed, built, renovated and restored distinguished homes across Southern New England, but they’ve also led a revolutionary process.

“We got into design build because the traditional way, where architects and builders don’t work side by side, just wasn’t working for us,” he explains. “The processes didn’t flow, the relationships within our team and with the clients were strained, and quite frankly it wasn’t fun.” That’s right, Matt wants the design and construction of your house to as enjoyable as possible. “Building a house is indeed a life’s dream. Our philosophy is that every step should be a pleasure.”

The top-notch Davitt team includes architects, builders, finishers and a resident interior designer. The first step for the Davitt team is to determine the budget with the client and list out all of the desired amenities. Through value engineering, they strive to deliver the aesthetic the homeowner desires without impacting the set budget. From there, it’s literally an open book. “We’ll produce a 60 page project overview for the client,” Matt says. Completely detailed with an accurate timeline, it will include a line item for every single task (such as installing a door), and each product used (such as a doorstop). This open plan keeps the homeowner informed and engaged, and removes any ambiguity about where the money is actually going.

There are hundreds of decisions that the homeowner needs to make throughout the process, and Davitt strives to make it fun rather than overwhelming. “We take baby steps,” Matt says, pointing out that a project manager prioritizes the decision making, and breaks it down so that just a handful are made each week. Weekly meetings between the project manager and the homeowners – which can take place face-to-face, over email, or even over the web – are an efficient way to keep the communication and collaboration flowing.
“We had a client living in England who didn’t enter her 9,000 square foot home until the paint was on the walls,” Matt says. “We sent video updates so that they could still get a feel for what was happening.” That sort of trust between the client and Davitt speaks volumes about the type of relationships they foster, and why the company boasts that 80% of their business comes from referrals. “Our clients are our best advertising,” Matt says.

Davitt’s extensive portfolio of homes includes everything from West Coast contemporary to their signature Nantucket shingle style, and their specialty is coastal building. “We follow the water,” Matt says, explaining that his company’s environmental knowledge is unmatched in the region. “We understand the elements, from the rain that goes sideways, to the salt in the air, to the way the high winds blow.” Building along the coast requires getting through the red tape, like coastal permits, town variances and approvals. That’s why Davitt works alongside coastal towns, such as Westerly and Narragansett, and local environmental groups like the Coastal Resource Management Council. They are also Green Certified, and use everything from geothermal systems to solar and wind in homes. “We can build as green as you want,” Matt says, pointing out that the company believes in and encourages use of green materials when possible.

By building high-quality homes with their uniquely collaborative process, Davitt Design Build has also built an exceptional reputation. “Our job isn’t done until the homeowner is living happily in their home,” Matt says.

Davitt Design Build
4 Frank Avenue, West Kingston

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