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Vito Lantz - Bar Manager, The Dorrance Providence


How does your cocktail menu change?
We like to change most of our cocktail list every season. This terrible winter is inspiring us to create even more fresh spring cocktails. Most of our ideas start with the local fruits, veggies and herbs we use as opposed to the spirit. When we get those first berries and herbs of the season the ideas (and booze) start flowing!

What are you seeing in terms of bar trends for this year?
The guests really drive the trends, and they clearly want more local and higher quality ingredients coming out of the kitchen. The bar is no different. They seem to be moving away from the lower quality “flavored” spirits and more toward craft brands.

What tips do you have for the home bartender?
First get a classic cocktail book, like Joy of Mixology. Start with some classics and then put your own twist on them by replacing an ingredient. Just have fun! We have a great time drinking our mistakes here. The Dorrance is also a great spot to do some research for your home bar. We have a very knowledgeable and approachable team behind the bar, which is stocked with just about every quality spirit there is. You can try different ones before you purchase bottles for your own place, that way you don’t get stuck with something you don’t like.

Tell us about your private cocktail classes.
Every night we answer questions about our cocktails. I spent ten years doing stand-up and always loved getting laughs and working a room, so we decided to combine the two. The guests pick their spirit and we learn about history, process, classic cocktails and technique. We have a lot of fun with it.

The Dorrance
60 Dorrance Street, Providence

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