10 Spots for a Hot Cuppa Crawl

Your go-to destinations for hot cocoa, coffee, and more


Remember that frosty beer on a swelteringly hot day? A hot mug of coffee or hot chocolate on a freezing cold afternoon is the equinox equivalent. Get yours to go, cup your hands around the warmth, and revel in the steam as you take a wintertime stroll.

1. Black Pear, 312 County Road
2. Blue Kangaroo, 328 County Rd

3. The Beehive Cafe, 10 Franklin Street
4. Empire Tea and Coffee, 251 Thames Street

5. Borealis, 250 Bullocks Point Avenue
6. Proud Mary's Donuts, 326 Bullocks Point Avenue

7. Cafe Water Street, 279 Water Street
8. Happy Snail, 501 Main Street
9. The Coffee Depot, 398 Main Street

10. Coastal Roasters, 1791 Main Road


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