Voices of the Bay: Rhody’s Own Matchmaker Debra L’ Heureux

A Valentine’s Day chat with the Barrington-based cupid behind Get Ready to Date


Debra L’ Heureux loves love. For over 20 years, she’s been in the business of preparing clients to do just what the name of her business states: get ready to date. A Certified Matchmaker from the Matchmaking Institute, L’ Heureux has a certificate in Dating and Relationship Coaching, and is also a graduate of the Relationship Coaching Institute. Beyond framed diplomas, she’s a good listener who found the love of her life at age 47 and believes with all her heart there is hope for everyone to find their special someone.

Realist Romantic: You have to make space in your life for love. Lots of people fill up their lives with lots of activities. They’re in a kind of denial saying they want to find love, but they’re not prepared to make room for it in their lives. It’s one of my “Five Truths of Dating.”

Love Story: I typically work with people who are over 40, often widowed or divorced. Life has many chapters and I help people learn conscious dating skills to write their own happy ending.

Getting Acquainted: I get to know all of my clients well. We start with a phone call, then there’s an in-person interview, and of course things like identity and background checks. From there, the process of creating a blueprint for love can begin!

Needs and Wants: It’s important that people looking for love figure out their true needs and requirements. I advise sitting down and making a list of what you need to be in a relationship with someone. Many people don’t go through the process, they just look at someone’s physical appearance but they’re not looking at what they need.

Date Night: Even during the lingering pandemic, I find that people want to meet in person, even if it means bundling up to dine outdoors. Of course there are virtual options, as well.

Cupid Hit: I have two clients who live within five minutes of each other in a small town and never met. They’re dating now!

Poetry in Motion: To quote Shakespeare, “This above all: to thine own self be true.” If you are authentic and allow yourself to be vulnerable, then you’ll attract a soul-mate who loves you exactly the way you are! 


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