Four Corners plants art among the trees

The 23rd annual Woodland's sculpture exhibit is on display now


The Four Corners Art Center in Tiverton is currently hosting its annual Woodlands sculpture exhibit. Featuring the work of three local artists, this outdoor exhibition will be on display through October. 

Philippe Lejeune, a French artist currently living in Pawtucket, is responsible for The Glass Project and Wood Paintings, both of which deal with identity in unique ways. For a, part of The Glass Project, is a piece of reflective glass that asks onlookers to see beyond their surface self, illustrating how others might “see through” the digital versions we present of ourselves on social media. Similarly his wood paintings depict images of tree trunks on wooden surfaces surrounding live tree trucks, blur.ring the lines between a subject and a representative image.  

Molly Rice of Pittsburgh contributed Talking With You From Far Away. These interactive communication stations provide pairs of tin cans attached by a long string. Each station comes with specific instructions for visitors, our global communications to a micro level, while another part of her project asks you to pick a small knick knack from a bowl and email her a photo of it, explaining why the item called out to you. Like Phillippe’s work, these installations raise questions about how we communicate with each other and inter.act with the world around us in the digital age.  

Kristina Brown of Providence contributed Beacon. Originally built as a floating sculpture that could be seen on Providence’s Mashapaug Pond last year, this wooden lighthouse depicts light on and around water in its wood cutouts. At night, solar lights charging throughout the day bring the carved images to life with a soft glow. Though it may be landlocked in its current home, it still serves as an interesting juxtaposition between the piece and the verdant space it now occupies. 


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