Handsome Hounds

Wolfe & Hound Company in Bristol shines a light on your pup’s personality with one-of-a-kind bandanas


What does Melanie Wolfe, owner of Wolfe & Hound Company, and her business have in common besides their names? Their love for pampering pups.

Wolfe launched the Etsy business back in the spring of 2017 and has since participated in several local fairs and markets that showcase her products: one-of-a-kind bandanas for your pooch. In just over a year and a half, she’s provided hundreds of dogs (and their owners) with sophisticated and affordable bandanas that are stitched right here in the Ocean State.

“I’d seen people making bandanas and knew I wanted to get into something similar,” Wolfe says when asked where the idea originated. With many friends having dogs, she found inspiration. Using unique and sometimes unusual fabrics, she creates what she calls “small batch” bandanas that are far from your typical pet store variety with patterns like bones, paw prints, or sports teams.

Wolfe sources her fabric from all over the country, sometimes even internationally. “Whatever strikes my fancy, I usually run with,” she says with a laugh, adding that she switches up her patterns and fabrics seasonally, making them that much more distinct. In the fall months, you can expect to find Wolfe creating bandanas from plaid-patterned and wool fabrics.

Not only are her bandanas available on Etsy, but you can also find them at Cerulean in Warren, Curated in Tiverton, and Kate & Co. in Bristol. Wolfe adds that she “loves [engaging] with customers and seeing their dogs wearing [her] bandanas,” which are offered in three sizes – small, medium, and large – for under $25.

What sweetens the deal, though, is that Wolfe donates a dollar from each of all bandana sales to a rescue foundation. Her own pup, Arlo, is a rescue from Tennessee. Going forward, she plans to donate to local foundations like RISPCA and The Potter League based on their needs.


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