AbsorBibs Lessen the Stress on New Moms

Let your little one make a mess


If you’re a parent of babies or small toddlers and are looking for bibs that are not only incredibly absorbent, but also stylish and one-of-a-kind, then you’ve got to try AbsorBibs. Based in Somerset, this new line offers long-lasting, handmade bibs that each have an adorable fabric over a unique thick towel backing and a snap closure system. Creator Genevieve Clark started making these bibs while she was expecting her first child 11 years ago. She learned the technique from her mother, and found it to be such an enjoyable activity that she couldn’t stop. She began giving them as gifts, and soon the suggestion arose that she should sell them. Genevieve highlights the special qualities of AbsorBibs, saying, “The fabric can be specific to a family hobby like camping or trendy for matching to outfits throughout the week or basic interests of little children like trucks, space, flow- ers or watermelons. In such a hectic time of a new mother’s life, I want to give a little bit of pretty when life really is all about survival, especially when it comes to feeding every three hours. For me, it’s worth all the while to give a new mother the opportunity to take a deep breath and enjoy some nice fabric while bonding with her little one.” She has also recently added nursing capes to her line. Starting at $5 each or five bibs for $20 plus shipping, these are the perfect addition to your child’s wardrobe or a creative gift for new or expecting parents. 


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