Sweet and Salty

GG’s Pretzels are the perfect snack for any time of day


Chocolate-covered pretzels are a whimsical thing of childhood. Thinking about them – the sugar, the different toppings jutting off the top – makes you want to be a kid on a holiday morning again. Made with different types of chocolate, and then rolled in everything from crushed-up peppermint to coconut flakes, these sweet treats can be morphed and melded to fit any taste. George Lefebvre and Gina Ferrara, owners of GG’s Pretzels, have harnessed the versatile power of the salty/sweet creation, and now, they’re in business to share it with Rhode Islanders. Says the couple, “We believe that chocolate-dipped pretzels provide a sweet and salty flavor combination that is loved by many. We feel that it is a way to treat yourself – but without the guilt.”

Like many business ventures, the idea for GG’s Pretzels began as a well-loved, home tradition. George remembers that Gina used to make chocolate-dipped pretzels to hand out to family and friends during the holidays. At first, her combinations were simple: a chocolate

one here and a white chocolate one there. But, as time went on, the soon-to-be entrepreneur began coming up with more creative flavors, venturing into the confectionery realms of caramel and seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice. From there, the business took off, and the couple began working with the food incubator Hope & Main to get their endeavor going.

Today, the company has over 20 flavors of pretzels. With this many options to choose from, the decision might be hard, but fret not! Gina and George recommend their GG’s D’Lites because they taste “exactly like the Girl Scout Cookie”, and are made with dark chocolate, caramel, and topped with coconut crunch. The company has also begun making soft pretzels to accommodate the heat and humidity when they are out at fairs, brewery events, and farmers markets. Find information about GG’s Pretzels events on their Facebook and Instagram pages.


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