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Come for the burn, stay for the warmth at Studio 47


Studio 47 in Barrington is a place to learn, practice and fall in love with Pilates. But, what’s more, it’s a haven for personal care that will challenge your mindset about exercise. Co-owners Elizabeth Dewey and Mora Babineau have created a lifestyle destination in the Bay, and once you’ve been, it won’t be long before you return.

Enter their naturally lit studio, lined by wooden ballet barres and a full-length wall-to-wall mirror to help encourage good form. “September is the new January here,” Mora states and, noticing that the room was filled with women of all ages, it’s clear she’s not the only one who thinks so.

Sticky socks and spandex pants on, I was ready for a step outside my weekly variety of kettlebell classes, sand dune sprints and Vinyasa yoga. With my experiences in bodyweight workouts, I was well aware that sometimes the best, and biggest, ways to work up a sweat might not involve any equipment, but rather a healthy dose of mental grit. The 45-minute Barre BLAST class – a Studio 47 signature offering that combines the three Pilates principles of strength, endurance and flexibility – was exactly one of those instances. This class wasted no time tapping into small and large muscles that had been very shy about their existence up until 8:30 that morning.

“What makes Pilates different is that it works your body from the inside out,” Mora explains of founder Joseph Pilates’ theory behind movement. “The goal with Pilates workouts, whether at the barre, on the mat or on the [reformer] equipment, is to bring the muscle closer to the bone.” With an equal amount of control and engagement, this approach is as mentally challenging as it is physical.

For the next 45 minutes, Mora took us through a series of movements that explored all planes of the body as we moved from the barre to the floor with the tempo of upbeat music filling the room. A series of dips varied with different angled foot placements ignited a feel-good burn in my hamstrings and glutes that I thought was only reserved for heavy squats. Gliding discs offered a sweet range of motion for my feet to slide laterally while my shoulders, triceps and hands were locked in a push-up position. An added spice to your typical plank position, this center workout is especially fun with an instructor who is as energetic, encouraging and informative as Mora.

True, it feels amazing to move your body in ways you wouldn’t otherwise ask it to, but what’s even better is the range of after effects that are unique to Pilates. Not only will you stand, drive and sleep differently, you’ll also gain a heightened awareness of how your body works. “Better posture and spinal alignment are also increased just by the nature of the workouts, as they’re designed to work the front and back body in harmony,” Mora tells me.

In addition to Barre BLAST, there are a range of mat classes including CORE 47, Pilates Boot Camp and Arm and Ab Blast, and even cardio and toning reformer training. A single sliding carriage managed by adjustable springs that regulate tension and resistance, the reformer machine allows exercises to be done from a variety of positions; even standing. The pulley’s additional resistance provides a more challenging strength and endurance workout that produces visible results – Serena Williams’ arms, fierce legs and like, say, glowing smile – in a shorter amount of time.

Even more than their experienced Pilates trainers, Studio 47 offers complimentary props and amenities throughout their boutique studio. With fresh-pressed juice delivered twice weekly from Scituate’s Quench Juicery, as well as a nutrition and lifestyle program, their community of healthy individuals genuinely radiates positive energy. So throw on your sticky socks and do yourself a favor by dropping in for a class.

Studio 47 Pilates
47 Maple Avenue, Barrington

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