Single Screen Roundup

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Avon Cinema

Avon plans to treat its viewers this weekend with a triple feature - kicking off the weekend is Black Souls, a sophisticated crime drama with a dark message. Even though it follows the story of a volatile Italian crime family, it’s a far cry from The Godfather’s action and glitz, and aims to revitalize the Italian crime-drama niche by taking a slower, more somber tone. Following this powerful piece will be Salt of the Earth, a documentary about the life Sabastiao Salgado, the acclaimed photographer who captured the spirit of blue-collar workers around the world. Finally, there will be a one time showing of National Theatre’s performance of Tom Stoppard’s Hard Problem, which chronicles the existential conflict of a brain researcher who wonders what consciousness really is.

Cable Car Cinema

If you’d rather kick off May with something more eye-catching, Cable Car Cinema is offering two nostalgic single showings this weekend. First off is Roar this Friday, which has the distinction of being filmed with over 100 untamed animals. Starring the executive producer of The Exorcist Noel Marshall and his wife, Roar follows wildlife preservationist Hank as he lives alongside the untamed animals of Africa. The drama in the film is palpable, as the animals onstage injured over 70 crew members during the production, including some of the main stars. Following this psuedo-snuff classic will be another movie from the early 80s, The Last Unicorn. This gem has been heralded by its esoteric following as a children’s film apart from the rest, read: actually good. The unique animation style, excellent cast, and inspired plot is sure to leave more than just children happy. Finally, Clouds of Sil Maria is still playing, if you missed it last week.

Jane Pickens Theater

Jane Pickens Theater will be headlining a film starring Al Pacino, but before you dismiss it as another Italian crime drama, know that Al Pacino will actually be playing a rockstar. The film is Danny Collins and it is the tale of an aging rocker whose lifestyle is at the end of its rope. This changes however, when he discovers a 40-year old letter written to him by none other than John Lennon, which spurs him to rediscover his passion for music, love, and himself. If you’re coming from the Black Souls showing it might be difficult to not think of The Godfather when you see Pacino on screen, but hey, if Michael Keaton can turn Batman to Birdman, Pacino might well enough make the transition to rockstar.


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