Ben Miller's Stand-Up Science Enlightens Audiences at AS220 in Providence

The multimedia comedy act is a fusion of humor and academia that manages to make science fun


Whether you’re a science nerd or comedy buff, Ben Miller's Stand-Up Science show, which comes to AS220 in Providence this March, is likely to get a laugh out of you. The multimedia comedy show is a unique blend of humor and academia proving science can be as entertaining as it is enlightening. Matt Levy from Comedy Stray Notes remarked, “One of NYC’s best pound for pound joke writers Ben Miller is unsurprisingly a scientist… you have to see this just for the Spike Lee joke; I almost spit milk out my nose when I heard it.” 

A NYC-based scientist turned comedian, Miller brings a fresh perspective to stand-up, merging tales of his musculoskeletal condition and amusing childhood anecdotes with scientific exploration. Leveraging pictures, graphs, and videos, he crafts a show that's as educational as it is hilarious, making science accessible and engaging. It's the perfect night out for anyone who loves a good laugh with their learning.

Having graced the stages of top comedy clubs in NYC and clinching the title of the city's top roast battler, Miller's credentials are as diverse as his content. From electron microscopes to 3D-printed cookies, his experiences add a layer of authenticity to his acts, making them not only funny but profoundly relatable.

The personal touch Miller brings to his performance doesn't go unnoticed. “This guy is just great! Not only is his material brilliant and clever but his ad libs are spot on and he always feels genuine and likable,” shared an enthusiastic viewer. His ability to back up his jokes with research during his act, a rarity in the comedy world, has also been noted by a fan: “Have you ever seen a comedian cite their sources? Ben Miller does. Check it out, it’s worth it.”

The show, recommended for ages 14 and above, takes place Saturday, March 30 at 7pm. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online. Learn more about Miller on his website.


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