Sea Debris Reimagined As Door Decor

The Lost Buoy turns lobster buoys into outdoor decorations, door hangings, and more


No longer moored to lobster traps, Katie Snape’s buoys have drifted into the homes and hearths of coastal dwellers and landlubbers looking to infuse a little bit of the sea into their living spaces. All of The Lost Buoy creations are actual PVC lobster buoys, displaying their versatility as outdoor decorations, door hangings, wedding trimmings, and even as lamps. Snape fondly remembers visiting seaside docks in Bonnet Shores with her grandparents: “We would always stop by lobster shacks and see the bright-colored buoys, all of the lost buoys washed ashore.” Snape invites people to capture a treasured memory in a personalized artifact by choosing the color, design, text, and graphics. While the pandemic limited buoy supply, forcing a summer hiatus, these customizable creations are back and make perfect markers to display the name of your summer home or a cozy coastal accent.


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