Rhode Island, Will You Accept This Rose?

Old Newport charm meets reality TV for the newest season of The Bachelorette


Paris may be la ville en rose, but Newport has received the rose...The Bachelorette’s that is. Rumors have been generating for months that the famed ABC show would be shooting on location in Newport, and in late March it was confirmed that the NZK Productions series had begun filming, and would be there for about a week, until April 1. Although the show has kept quiet on where they shot, reports have suggested that locations like Fort Adams, The White Horse Tavern, The Clarke Cooke House, Toppa Field, and Bannister’s Wharf would be featured. So far, only The Clarke Cooke House has stepped up to confirm that they were up for consideration, in an article to the Newport Daily News.

Newport has enjoyed a long on-screen history, featured in films like Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom (2012), Woody Allen’s Irrational Man (2015), Charles Walters’ High Society (1956), Jack Clayton’s The Great Gatsby (1974), and Anne Fletcher’s 27 Dresses (2008). But the town known for its storied seaside elegance has not yet forayed into reality television. In 2003, an estate in nearby Middletown almost became the home of MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet, but pushback from local residents contributed to MTV’s withdrawal of its request for an
amusement license.

The Bachelorette and its wide appeal has not posed such concerns from the local community. For Steven Feinberg, Director of the Rhode Island Film and Television Office, the show will benefit the state because it “will be showcasing Newport, Rhode Island, to the national and international audience and it’s going to be shown in such a positive light, we couldn’t be happier… and as you know, this Bachelor and Bachelorette series have a huge following, a gigantic fanbase. Everyone from a teen to folks who are retired, they love this program.”

To find out which of your favorite Newport spots will be featured on the silver screen, you just might have to tune in.

The Bachelorette premieres on ABC Television Network on Monday, May 13 from 8-10pm EDT. 


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