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One Decade Down!

Billy's Restaurant turns 10 in Barrington


You know that place – almost every small town or neighborhood enclave has one. The restaurant you know is your good ol’ reliable. The eatery that has something for your whole family – sophisticated dishes to satisfy hungry parents, and elevated burgers and fries for a child’s elementary palate. For the inhabitants of Barrington, Billy’s Restaurant is the community go-to. Now, celebrating its 10th anniversary, owners Barbara Genetti and Elaine Hess are excited and committed to keeping the warm, friendly atmosphere of Billy’s going.

In 2009, the original owner and the restaurant’s namesake Bill Dressel’s vision was to “create the ultimate American bistro and tavern in Barrington.” Billy’s was an establishment he thought would add to the burgeoning restaurant scene in the East Bay. Later on in 2016, Elaine and Barbara acquired the small town’s mainstay and it became a popular venue for private gatherings and celebrations.

What keeps Billy’s successful from year to year? According to Elaine, it’s a combination of the service and food the staff provides and team that she and Barbara employ. “We have a great team assembled at Billy’s. Our head chef Ambrocio has been at Billy’s for eight years.” Like many other businesses in Rhode Island, the Barrington mainstay cares about supporting local businesses and providing its customers with the freshest food available. The fish, the owner says, is delivered daily and featured as a special to ensure quality. Other things like soups, sauces, dressings, and desserts are made in-house to ensure the proper care is put into the final product.

In the end, for both Elaine and Barbara, their work is about taking the time to make people feel at home when guests enter their restaurant. “Billy’s success is due not only to its fine food, but that people feel comfortable and welcomed. Barbara is out front to greet each and every customer. We aim to please.”


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