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Providence podcast Dinner Sisters helps plan your next meal


What’s for dinner?

If that question is your daily dinnertime pre-game, you need to listen to Dinner Sisters, a podcast that Providence resident Kate Schulz hosts with her Atlanta-based sister Betsy Wallace.

“Betsy would always call me at around five o’clock and say, ‘I have ground beef, one onion, and a head of lettuce, what can I make?’ and I would feed her some recipes.” They turned Betsy’s dinner woes into a podcast to help inspire other home cooks.

Kate, a vociferous reader of food blogs, trolls the internet to find three recipes within their capabilities as home cooks to feature in each episode. “Two of the three must be weeknight recipes, something you can whip up quickly and painlessly after work.”

The sisters make the dinners and then talk about their experiences for the podcast – the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly.

“Betsy always thought she was a bad cook,” says Kate. “But she isn’t a bad cook. She was just using bad recipes.”

Kate explains that a good recipe includes flavorful ingredients in classic ratios and proportions as well as clear directions. “You would be shocked at how many recipes use weird ratios or have directions that miss entire steps.”

Kate and Betsy have adventurous palates – as do Betsy’s three kids – so the offerings range from the simple, like sprucing up a store-bought rotisserie chicken, to dishes with more complex flavor notes like massaman curry.

Even with the more complicated dishes, Kate makes sure that the ingredients are easily found at local supermarkets. “The University Whole Foods in Providence is my go-to,” she says. “But I’ve found a lot of fun things at Good Fortune Grocery Store in Cranston.”

While Kate produces and co-hosts a podcast for home cooks, she does appreciate dinners out, especially in her adopted home state, a foodie destination.

“I never knew what good Italian food was until I moved here,” Kate, who hails from Wisconsin, says. Some favorites include Pane e Vino and Massimo on Federal Hill, as well as Persimmon for special occasions. “And I love Oberlin’s edge.”

But for the podcast, the Dinner Sisters keep it simple. “We just want to help people figure out what the heck to have for dinner.” Find Dinner Sisters podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


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