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An indulgent facial does so much more than cleanse your skin


I know, I know. I choose to live in New England. I have no right to complain about the weather. But let me tell you, I have never hated a winter so much as I have hated this one. I’ve had it up to here with clearing snow off of my car, of skidding on ice, of trudging through feet of slush, of frozen fingers and icy toes. I’m a lot of fun to be around right now… can’t you tell? I know there’s an end in sight, but as I got in my car in the middle of yet another snowstorm and headed to Elizabeth Grady in Seekonk, it felt about as far away as the molten center of the earth (which sounds pretty cozy right now, doesn’t it? Oh, just me?).

I walked into the unassuming space in the Target plaza, and immediately took a calming breath. Laurie, my facialist, led me into a peaceful (and blissfully warm) treatment room in serene white tones. I settled into the spa bed and prepared myself for an hour-long vacation. I had booked a Signature Facial, but the actual skincare choices were to be made then, as Laurie evaluated my skin. My concerns: some dryness (thanks, winter) and some budding fine lines (thanks, 30s). She decided to pair a lactic peel with an apple stem-cell mask, which is a power hydrating/anti-oxidant duo that left my skin glowing afterwards… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Laurie started by cleansing my skin with a delicious-smelling Elizabeth Grady cleanser. Before my visit I didn’t even know Grady made products – but let me tell you, they worked. She then applied the lactic acid peel, which was a little stingy, but effectively got rid of all of my dry winter flakes and stimulated collagen production to plump those most unwelcome fine lines. She followed that with steam and extractions, then started a massage of my face and décolletage that lasted longer than I would have thought it would, but was dreamy. She then applied the apple stem-cell mask, and put my hands into warming mitts to enjoy for the rest of the facial. (Apparently I’m not the only one who comes in half-frozen and wishing for a little warmth.) Laurie then prepped my skin with a micro-emulsion serum, which targets delivery of moisture to the deeper layers of my skin, and applied Grady’s Hydrasurge Crème, which was a big dose of moisture without any icky, greasy residue.

Afterwards, I loved the results. My skin looked glowy and bright, and I was totally without the oily residue that too-often lingers after a facial, sending me straight home to the shower. I even left there and went straight to Target with no compunction against being makeup-free – my skin looked that good. It might not have been a real vacation, but my trip to Elizabeth Grady was exactly the escape from the cold that I needed.

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