Food Spotlight

Cherry on Top

Victoria Young debuts unusual ice cream flavors at Vic’s Craft Ice Cream in Barrington


Excitement can be a propellant of success. In the summer of 2017, Victoria Young started making batches of ice cream at home, and “fell in love.” Soon, the gourmet chef-turned-entrepreneur found herself racing home from work every day to experiment with new flavors or fulfill special requests for her friends. Her newfound enthusiasm for her hobby became a true passion, and that’s when she decided to open up her pop-up, Fountain & Co. From there, the fledgeling business took off, and now Victoria will open her very own brick and mortar in Barrington under the new monicker: Vic’s Craft Ice Cream.

Peruse Vic’s Instagram page  and you’ll find pictures that straddle the line between an unfortunate spillage accident and Jackson Pollack-like food art. Gourmet scoops of ice cream in cones smushed or splattered on plates, gently topped with a cherry gummy portray Victoria’s skill and uniqueness as a sweet treat purveyor. The playful gummy “cherry on top” is her signature take on the traditional finishing touch. She says, “The flavors I create are totally different from what you might find at other ice cream shops: Roasted Peach Sorbet, Rosemary Caramel, Matcha Coconut, and even our ‘classics’ are made in a non-traditional way.”

All of Victoria’s ice cream is made from scratch in small batches. In true gourmet chef fashion, her menu is never stagnant. Over the course of a year and a half, she’s made over 120 different flavors – her creative culinary arsenal is loaded, her ice cream flavor profiles ever-changing. The new store will be small – about 20 seats inside and patio seating outside – and serve everything from scoops of craft ice cream to shakes, floats, and baked goods. When asked about her goals for her shop, Victoria says, “I want Vic’s to be known as a gathering place for families, couples, friends, and explorers; a community for my fellow ice cream lovers.” Vic’s Craft Ice Cream coming soon to 74 Maple Ave., Barrington