11 Awesome Gifts You Can Find at The Art Providence Holiday Show


Space pandas, Marie Antoinette and an old Tums wrapper. Sounds like a promising start to an improv sketch, but these are just a few must-see pieces by the artists and artisans showcasing their work at this year’s Art Providence Holiday Show, running December 9-10 at the Rhode Island Convention Center: 

1. The largescale wooden sculptures by sculptor Mark Perry give folk-art a contemporary twist.

Mark Perry couldn’t find the exact folk art he wanted to decorate his home, so he decided to make it himself – with a contemporary twist. Working from his original sketches, including penned-on napkins in the car, Perry creates a 3D template, builds a block of wood, then painstakingly hand carves and paints each piece, many up to 5 ft. in length.

2. The meticulously forged jewelry designed by Lucy Barna is inspired by precise mathematic sequences.

Ever heard of the Fibonacci sequence? Do the math and you’ll discover the inspiration behind Oregon-based Lucy Barna’s precisely forged jewelry. Her bracelets, earrings and necklaces are all hand crafted using sterling silver, 14k-18k gold, jeweler’s brass and natural stones.

3. The realistic woolen birds by fiber artist Tracye Chin Mueller could charm any bird lover. 

It’s a bird…wait, is that wool? From snowy owls to ruby-throated hummingbirds and parrots, Tracye Chin Mueller’s work is undeniably joyful and surprisingly realistic.

4. Space-panda stoneware by ceramic artist Ian Buchbinder can to liven up any morning coffee. 

Looking for the perfect space panda ceramic mug? Look no further than Ian Buchbinder, whose work features eclectic, hand-painted designs on high fire stoneware and porcelain. Huge bonus: it’s all microwavable and dishwasher safe.

5. The miniature yet precisely accurate canine sculptures by sculptor Judi Goudreau are a dog lover's delight.  

While some people prefer small dogs, Judi Goudreau brings all pets down to a manageable size. Sacrificing nothing in their spirit, she captures their everyday expressions and mischief in her remarkably emotive miniatures.

6. The ethereal metal dresses woven by Sue Freda are equally as intricate as her jewelry.

Sue Freda weaves metal and precious stones together to create seemingly weightless sculptures and ephemeral pieces that will leave you saying, “How did she do that?!” Her jewelry dazzles with the same materials and executed in a wearable format.

7. The stained glasswork by glass artist Genevieve Geer gives this unqiue artform a cheeky twist. 

Two heads are better than one, especially when there’s cake. Genevieve Geer believes glass as a medium has been under-explored, so she’s taking it to new heights in stained glass with her spin on Marie Antoinette and more.

8. Sustainably made, Christian Descoteaux's furniture designs pair nature with reclaimed industrial metal. 

Using reclaimed wood and industrial metal, Christian Descoteaux’s furniture bridges the gap between the natural world and the contemporary environment surrounding us. 

9. The textured metal jewlery designed by Dahlia Kanner is also built for a lifetime of wearability.

Dahlia Kanner’s distinctive jewelry is organic in form with highly textural skin. Sterling silver, 18k-22k gold, and platinum are all employed to bring her ideas to life in pieces that last a lifetime.

10. Crafted from discarded household items, Deborah Kracht creates new life in old kitchenwear with her whimsical pieces.

Scouring estate sales, flea markets and antique shops, Deborah Kracht rescues overlooked and discarded items to create her whimsical pieces. Bent forks as legs and feet? Of course. Colander wings? Absolutely. Salt shaker head? You get the picture.

11. Vibrant colors and patterns used by glass artist duo Jennifer and David Clancy put the "fun" in functional glassware. 

A marriage made in-studio, Jennifer and David met in 1998 while working for different glass artists and the rest is a rich history together. Shaping glass into functional pieces, the duo then applies vibrant colors and distinctive patterns that are now so "Clancy."

The Art Providence Holiday Show 2017 is running December 9-10 at the Rhode Island Convention Center.


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