Traditional Italian Food in Bristol

An East Bay family realizes a lifelong dream


Competition within the local Italian- and pizza-based restaurant arena is fierce, what with such acclaimed establishments as Federal Hill, Leo’s and the numerous House of Pizzas satisfying appetites all up and down the coast. But even with this saturation, a new competitor, Pomodoro Pizzeria, has entered the fray.

Husband-wife duo Mark and Tina Micheletti, both Rhode Island-born and full-blooded Italians, opened the restaurant to fulfill a lifelong dream, says Tina, who works “start to finish” (about 10-11 hours) managing the day-to-day operations. A hectic schedule, no doubt, but she receives support from nearly every member of her family.

Case in point: Husband Mark helps out each night. Daughter Katie, a full-time nurse, “works days off with us,” says Tina. “My daughter Erin also works with me, and my son helps when he’s home from [college]. It’s a family ordeal.”

More than that, it’s a neighborhood ordeal: Mark and Tina live only moments away from the restaurant, and much of their business comes from locals requesting “that old Italian traditional food,” says Tina.

What kind of old Italian traditional food is requested the most? “Oh my goodness, pasta and beans all the time,” she says with a laugh, adding that customers ask for their Italian food to be “back to basics.” She adds, “They like it like their grandmother made, and that’s what they say, our food tastes like their grandmother or wife’s cooking.

As for daily specials, Pomodoro offers “whatever we come up with on the spot and decide to make that day,” says Tina. This creates an edible guessing game of sorts, so as to always surprise customers with something new and different. Plus, it prevents the minds behind the meals from getting bored with their usual menu items.

And speaking of the usual items, Pomodoro Pizzeria offers such classic menu items as appetizers, salads, hot sandwiches, entrees (“Mostly pastas, specialty pizzas, calzones,” says Tina) and much more.

Since opening on August 25, Pomodoro has been pumping out pizzas for individuals all across the East Bay area, and Tina says the response has been good so far and that they’ve been receiving “a lot of support from people.” Moreover, they’ve been busy catering for holiday parties, birthdays, bridal showers and more.

So even with the long hours and the insanity of working with family members, Tina proudly says she “really can’t complain.” 271 Wood St, Bristol. Mondays-Thursdays 11am-9pm, Fridays- Saturdays 11am-10pm. 401-396-9699.

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