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Tiny Farmhouse is Growing Happiness From the Soil Up

Blogging life-on-the-farm stories from Rehoboth


Writer, photographer, gardener and pig-raiser Amy McCoy didn’t exactly rack her brain when it came to naming her life-on-the-farm blog. She has lived with her husband JR in a “tiny farmhouse” in Rehoboth, thus the inspiration for “Tiny Farmhouse,” an insightful resource with recipes, how-to guides, plus entertaining, gardening and home decor tips, was born. Tiny Farmhouse is also a comical, straight-shooting read into farm life, including what it is like to wrangle a feisty rooster, being lured in to petting a piglet attired for a day at the office and combating “adorable little crop-decimators” (also known as rabbits). Though the farm has been home to hens, turkeys and Black Angus cattle through the decades, today they have scaled the focus to keep bees, raise hens for eggs and raise Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs, an endangered breed originally from the UK, for meat.

The animals are an addition to growing greens and asparagus in the spring, tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini during the summer and winter squash and beans in the autumn, to name a few. To increase the fruit production on the property, together Amy and JR have planted apple trees, blueberry bushes and a cherry tree. “It really is about growing food we can appreciate, that we know where it is from and the effort it took getting that food to the table,” says Amy. “We actually consider it a luxury to get food from our own property. We can gather eggs for breakfast, or head to the garden to harvest something for lunch or dinner later that night… it’s hard work, but the reward is so worth it.”

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