The East Bay Blogosphere: Mom Generations

These East Bayers give perspectives on motherhood from three different women


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The Blog: Mom Generations

Creators: Jane Govednik, Audrey McClelland and Sharon Couto

About: Motherhood across generations

Based In: Bristol

The mommy blogosphere is saturated. There are blogs written by stay-at-home moms, working moms, single moms, two-mommy households. What is rare, however, is a mom blog that crosses generations. Mom Generations does just that with two sisters, Jane Govednik and Audrey McClelland, and their mother, Sharon Couto.

By the time Audrey was pregnant with her third child in early 2007, she had started following mom blogs. Audrey, Jane and Sharon thought it would be a great time to start a blog together – Pink & Blues – with Sharon being the grandmother voice, Audrey the newish mom voice, and Jane the dog mom/aunt voice. “I've always loved the camaraderie in the mom world,” Jane says. “Many moms just want to share the highs and lows of motherhood with each other. They want to ask questions, vent, laugh and cry together on this journey no one can really prepare you for.”

In 2008 they shifted the focus of their blog and renamed it Mom Generations. It’s evolved to include conversations about food, fashion, recipes, husbands, housekeeping and work outside the home. It continues to evolve as well. For example, Audrey, has gone on to become a go-to mom for major companies who want to connect with moms through fashion and household products. Also, Sharon’s discovered a cache of other blogging grandmothers and has made lifelong friends. In 2008 she started running, something she had never done before, and shared her experiences. She dubbed it “a senior citizen’s leap of faith into this new arena.” Since the start of that journey, she’s run dozens of races. Another piece of the blog that Sharon never anticipated is writing about caregiving for her 91-year-old mom (who now lives nearby at an assisted living facility in Bristol).

The blog has allowed them to connect with other moms locally, some of whom blog themselves, and others who just like to follow and share with other local moms. That allowed them to form an extension of the blog, Rhody Mamas, which is a Facebook group where they share local events, deals, discounts and promos.

“Readers have experienced weddings, babies, pets coming into families, and the sadness of people and pets passing. Readers have come to know our personalities,” explains Sharon. “Audrey is Audrey, Jane is Jane and I am me: Three women with the extraordinary tie of love, but each with distinct personalities and a great well of respect and love for each other, too.” 


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