The Bay's Artistic Economy

Four diverse artists prove the East Bay is buzzing with creativity


“Follow your bliss“ has become a catch phrase meaning ‘just do what you love to do.’ The late mythologist Joseph Campbell who coined the term would also say what has gotten lost in his message is that it will likely not be easy, there will be struggles and many hurdles to overcome.

But, by following what you love to do, he says, “doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.” Look at a handmade ring, a painting or sculpture. You are captivated by the beauty of the object. But for the artist there is the reality of selling that art and carving out a business in order to do what they love. Meet four different artists from Bristol, Tiverton and Warren on the business of selling art.

From Tiffany's to Tiffany Peay

How a jewelry designer's business formed from a diamond in the rough

An Unexpected Haven

Jacqueline S. Vaughn's journey to owning an art studio

Creating Sparks

Ned Miller makes steel his business

Exhibiting Individuality

Paulette Hartlett Carr sets the scene for her sculptures & paintings

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