Teon Cromwell of NewportRIFoodie

12 cocktails for 12 cookies and more are on this Newport content creator’s nice list

How did you get into content creation?

My family and friends have always told me that I should make cooking videos for YouTube, but that always seemed too daunting to me; then TikTok came along and the idea of a 30-60-second video seemed much more manageable. In 2021 I did a 31 Days of Halloween Cocktails series which took off and became very popular. That’s when my little sister, Tia, told me that I should really lean into the cocktail-making videos, and I’ve been making them ever since. Although with a handle like @newportrifoodie, I’m definitely incorporating more food as my platforms grow.


Does Newport help to inspire you and your content?

Absolutely, I’m a Newporter born and raised. Whether it’s going out to a restaurant, driving along Ocean Drive, or taking walks along Washington Street and the Van Zandt Pier, I find inspiration all around me. When I was a teenager, I couldn’t wait to move to Manhattan; now that I’m in my late 30s, I have this huge appreciation and love for my hometown.


Where are some of your favorite spots in the area that you like to visit?

On Aquidneck Island, Le Bec Sucré, Le Bec Salé, The Roasted Clove, Ching Tao, and Anthony’s Seafood in Middletown. In Newport, Ben’s Chili Dogs is a classic! I also love Mother Pizzeria, Yagi Noodles, and Mr. R Fusion. In Providence, I really enjoy Cassarino, Bayberry Beer Hall, DenDen Korean Fried Chicken, and Troop, and Seven Moons in North Kingstown has an amazing Thai green curry chicken soup. Every Thursday my friend Dez and I always try to explore new spots.


What are some flavors and ingredients you like to incorporate in recipes this time of year?

When it comes to drinks, eggnog is a must! I love incorporating flavors like pomegranate, cardamom, or rosemary into cocktails. I’m working on a Sugar Cookie Martini recipe right now and plan on pairing 12 cocktails with 12 cookies, so we’ll see how that turns out.


Do you have any local traditions around the holiday season?

My family loves to cook! Some would say we cook for an army so there’s always a ton of food. Christmas was my mother’s favorite holiday, so I want to keep all of the traditions going: unwrapping presents at my parents’ house with my sisters, nieces, and nephew early in the day before heading over to my aunt’s house which is always packed with the rest of the family.



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