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Style Connoisseur: Beecher Leonard-Fritzmeier

Meet one of Alex and Ani’s lead designers


Beecher Leonard-Fritzmeier is the vice president of design at Alex and Ani. We sat down with her to talk summer style beyond the bangle.

You've  got such a chic sense of style.  I'd call your look bohemian minimalist.  How would you describe it?

I have never put a label on it. I like mixing feminine and masculine looks and I prefer a minimalist look, building interest with accessories. 

Your designer brand cred is through the roof.  Tell me about your journey from Coach to Brahmin to Alex and Ani, and how your past experience influences what you do now.

I love accessories, from jewelry to leather goods to hats to sunglasses. I am fortunate to have had a clear career path. My past experiences have allowed me to realize that I prefer to be in an environment where I get to utilize both sides of my brain. I love collaborative companies where I am able to be both creative and business savvy. 

What's an average day like at Alex and Ani for you?

There is no average day. I always feel challenged. I have an amazing team and we touch every product category to ensure that we are giving our customer the best experience possible.

I think most people only think of Alex and Ani as a bangle company.  What else do you create?

Right now, we offer expandable necklaces, earrings and rings along with leather goods, candles, room spray and body care. We always look forward and the future holds many other exciting possibilities. We want to offer essential, high quality items that our customer will use and appreciate throughout the day.

What's the next big thing we can expect?  Tell me about what's on the horizon.

Our precious metal assortment will be expanding as we move into 2016. Our founder, Carolyn Rafaelian, not only comes up with beautiful designs but is also focused on new functionality so we will be continuing to come out with new innovative pieces in the next year.

How do you come up with ideas for new bangles when you're working with such a popular brand?  How do you distinguish new designs from what people already know and love? 

It is all about the connection and offering our customers meaningful pieces that they can relate to. We have an incredible team who strives to create original artwork that ties to authentic meanings.

What jewelry do you wear every day?

I am obsessed with our Precious line. The pieces are comfortable and easy to wear so I never have to take them off and they are delicate enough so they never feel overpowering. They can be layered with other jewelry so they are truly the perfect staple pieces.

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