Spring Means Maple Syrup Time in Rhode Island

Where to get the sweet stuff made from our own state tree


From red to sweet sugar maple trees, the tapping process has been perfected by Rhode Islanders over decades. If you're just looking to add some sweetness to your breakfast, or watch the process, here are some places to check out.

If we missed your favorite, also check this list from Farm Fresh RI, and  email Elyse@ProvidenceOnline.com to let us know! 



Appleland Orchard 

When it comes to fun things to do with the family, Appleland Orchard has you covered. With pumpkin and apple picking in the fall, Christmas trees in the winter, and their own bakery and winery, they're a year-round hot spot. Try their apple wine or homemade apple cider, and the creamiest, fudgiest fudge. Of course, their maple syrup is something to get your hands on. You can call ahead, place your order, and have it brought directly to your car for a COVID-safe experience. 135 Smith Ave, Greenville

Charlie's Sugar House 

Although they are not open to the public, they will be posting educational videos about the maple experience. While you may not be able to visit, you can still place an order to be delivered right to your house. Charlie's RI Pure Maple Syrup is available at more than 70 small business locations across Rhode Island, at places such as local farms, gift shops, grocery stores, and tourist attractions. Their maple containers are something to behold with glass maple leaves, gingerbread men, and log cabins that can add to your decor. 124 Hall Road, Coventry 

Chepachet Farms & SugarHouse

This isn't your ordinary farm. With a petting zoo, green thumb program, Sugar House and The Maple Shop, there's always plenty to do. While Chepachet farms isn't offering sugaring tours or taste tests at the moment, you can shop for pickup or find their products at retailers around the state! Discover a variety of homemade maple flavors to satisfy your palate such as cinnamon- and vanilla-infused varieties. They also make maple vinaigrette dressing, maple peanut brittle and caramel popcorn, and new this season, maple sugar rub and seasoning. 226 Tourtellot Hill Rd, Chepachet

Spring Hill Sugar House

This 22-acre farm founded in 1980 has all your pure maple syrup needs. Grab a jug or just a bottle, but remember to always wear your mask while in the store. Only one person inside at a time, so be prepared to wait in your car. 522 Gardner Rd, Richmond



Pippin Orchard

Find unique maple desserts like cotton candy and jelly beans, along with seasonal products, apple picking, and tours of their 17 acres of land. With much to do and things to eat, you certainly won't be bored or hungry. 751 Pippin Orchard Road, Cranston


Also, don't forget to check out how researchers at URI are tapping into the potential of RI’s state tree – the maple – The Sweet Science.


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