New Year's Resolutions

New Solutions to Old Resolutions

Try our innovative approaches to your annual list of self-improvements


January is a time to repent. It’s the aftermath of the storm, the low after the holiday high. We suddenly notice those added pounds, the mounds of waste our holiday parties generated, the scissors and tape and ribbon mess all over the floor. The worst part of January, however, lends itself to the absolute best part. January is a time to start over. We make New Year’s resolutions and insist that this will be the year that we keep them. But does our desire for absolution cloud our judgment? Is locking the refrigerator really the best way to lose weight, for example? This year, let’s try a few new solutions for our old resolutions.

Stop Smoking

Breaking the habit once and for all

Get Fit

Lose the weight for good

Eat Local

Source your food more responsibly

Get Organized

Put your life in order


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