Modern Love

A wallpaper designer finds his perfect match and business partner all from his Tiverton home


When NYC-resident Stephanie Beebe was seeking a summer rental via Airbnb, a post-and-beam barn-turnedmodern house in Tiverton caught her eye. A visit to the property led to a long walk and easy conversation with its owner Jonathan French, and as they say, the rest is history. The pair fell in love, and two years later, the two are now married with a baby. Together from the house they run the company Jonathan founded, Mayflower Wallpaper.

What initially appealed to Stephanie about the property still holds true today. “The character,” she begins. “It has a myriad of interesting spaces and it’s in an incredible setting – looking out the window is like looking at an evolving painting changing through the seasons. The striking ceiling height in the living room, the hidden nooks that we’ve accidentally found over the years, inside doorways that open to sheer drops, a look-out tower, a koi pond, and our very own Greek ruin.”

Throughout the home, walls are painted bright white to showcase Jonathan’s artwork, and tall, multi-paned windows are kept uncovered for unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape. And of course, there’s wallpaper. “Wallpaper adds personality and definition to a home, it gives depth to an otherwise quiet area, it demands attention,” say Stephanie. “We like the clean feeling of white walls, dramatic wallpaper, and hits of color in every room.”

Jonathan says their decor is a “smattering of styles.” Frequent business travels enable the collecting of unique objects from around the globe, all on display, which include a swordfish nose from Panama, a narwhal horn from Nantucket, and Maasai blanket from Tanzania. Textures abound in the form of the stone fireplace, bamboo sticks perched in a corner, and a mix of patterned textiles.

“We marry our different styles: an abundance in loved tokens and created pieces meets minimalist and utility,” says Jonathan. “We like pieces to look well-loved – the flooring and banisters to bear the prints of time, the natural sheen that comes from life. Downy pillows, plush throws – at the end of the day we embrace the hygge level of comfort,” Jonathan explains. “Fresh flowers fill just about every room, potted plants in the dining room, candles for baths and always at dinner, a fire roaring (in season), a Crosley turntable playing records from our teenage years, respectively. Cajoling one of the boys to play the piano while we prep dinner.”

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