Leading Ladies 2017

Lisa Newman Paratore


Some people just have an eye for design, and can create effortlessly gorgeous spaces. Lisa Newman Paratore is one of those people. “I started decorating almost right out of school when I had people asking for my advice, and it blossomed into a real business,” Lisa says. In 2007, the interior designer opened Homestyle, a chic boutique filled with unique, fun items. “I want it to be a venue for quality, well designed objects,” Lisa says, “furniture, home decor, jewelry, toys, all at a good price point.”

Homestyle has items to fit every personality: from chic, modern porcelain teapots to bracelets made out of Barbie Doll shoes, from customizable monogram art to gold skull coin banks. They’re the kind of things that you don’t know your home is missing until you find them, but once you do, you can’t live without them. Homestyle’s letterpress cards range from the sweetly romantic to the hilariously edgy, and Lisa has a line of Providence and Rhode Island gifts like tea towels, wine charms, t-shirts and totes that she has made specially for the store.

Lisa’s interior design work has been featured on This Old House, and Homestyle has gotten recognition from Boston Magazine and Travel + Leisure. “I love the profoundly creative side balanced with running a real business,” Lisa says. “My job is to work as my clients’ advocate and always fight for what is in their best interest so that they can sit back with confidence and just enjoy the process.”

229 Westminster Street, Providence | 277-1159 

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