Hot Yoga, Cold Weather

Go with the Slow Flow at Barrington’s Synergy Yoga


Stepping into Synergy Yoga on a chilly Wednesday night for their Slow Flow Vinyasa was instantly comforting and calming. The space in Barrington offers ample parking (always a plus), a bike rack, and an area for changing and storing your stuff – completely separated from where you practice. After changing, I was warmly greeted by Beth, our the teacher for the evening. She noticed I was new and asked if I had any questions or needed anything. I noticed that the check-in process was manual; guests all wrote their names in a notebook, as opposed to a phone or iPad. This simple task also set the tone for the session.

The class was 75 minutes and heated to a warm 80+ degrees. My fellow yogis were all different ages and in true Rhode Island fashion, I ran into a friend who has been practicing at the space for years and told me how supportive and wonderful the Synergy Yoga community was. From the immediate warm welcome, I could tell this was a place of acceptance that everyone was on their own journey. My class was meant for – and full of – folks at all levels.

The class was challenging, but the instructor, Beth, was fantastic and helped with adjustments and encouraged everyone to go at their own pace. The Slow Flow style was the perfect way to wind down a long day.


Drink water! Make sure to bring your own water bottle (Synergy provides a water cooler in the changing area) to class to stay hydrated. I forgot my bottle and Beth kindly let me borrow one of theirs that they wash after each use. It’s important to drink water during and after a workout, but it is especially important during hot yoga. After class, make sure to guzzle another bottle.

BYOM: Bring Your Own Mat! There are extras in case you forget, but make sure to bring one. Synergy also provides blankets, yoga blocks and other accessories

GET THERE EARLY: Arrive 10-15 minutes before class to settle in, fill up your water bottle, and get a spot that works for you. The closer to the instructor you are, the warmer the room is.

REMEMBER IT’S YOUR PRACTICE: It’s easy to look at others and compare -- remember that yoga is a journey and everyone has their own practice. Set goals for yourself and listen to your body.

Book classes at Synergy Power Yoga online at their website or with ClassPass.com. 

Synergy Power Yoga


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