Food Trends: Chill Out with Iced Beverages

From dessert-inspired lattes to fruity lemonades, East Bay cafes will put a pep in your step this summer


Buzzy beverages in Bristol infuse house-made syrups

The Beehive Café and the Beehive Pantry keep owner Emily Scott busy year-round serving breakfast, lunch, and satisfying drinks. “The cafe is a sit-down restaurant, with soups, sandwiches, and salads, whereas the pantry location is more of a grab-and-go. We have prepared food and all of our baked goods there, including homemade bread,” says Scott.

Both locations over traditional coffees, teas, and smoothies, as well as seasonal specialties. “This summer, we have a Watermelon Mint Refresher with green tea, homemade mint simple syrup, and freshly squeezed watermelon puree; it’s really refreshing,” says Scott. “We also have our Iced Biscotti, an iced latte with mocha and hazelnut, topped with fresh crumbled biscotti bits and homemade whipped cream.” Taking a page from industry trends, Scott explains, “We are trying to make all of our syrups from scratch. Not only is it more cost-effective, but it’s a better quality product.” Healthier drinks continue to be popular as well. “People are seeking more vitamins and herbs that may have health benefits.” Bristol,


Refreshing candy-flavored drinks in Warren

If an Iced Uncranky Yankee Latte sounds like the morning pick-me-up you need to take on the week, you’ll find it among many imaginative coffee concoctions brewing at Tracy’s Cream and Sugar. The shop is known for its “Barista Picks,” blends specially designed by staff. “Every quarter we add a new drink,” says owner Tracy Woodard. “We encourage our baristas to be creative with their ideas. Right now, we are featuring a Tres Leches Latte.”

“Refreshers and lotus drinks, plant energy drinks, are huge right now,” says Woodard of the health-focused beverages she sees in stores. Her approach is to package nutritious drinks in candy-inspired names, like the Starburst or Skittles Refresher, “with a lemonade base and blueberry syrup with a strawberry açaí refresher, which makes it taste like Skittles.” All drinks at Tracy’s are sweetened to taste. “We have the ability to make them sugar-free, so people can get a drink that is essentially calorie-free, yet still get that boost of energy.” They offer a food menu of traditional favorites like grilled ham and cheese, buffalo chicken wraps, and PB&J. Warren,


Tiverton’s destination for iced lattes and lemonade

Summer is the busy season for Coastal Roasters, a popular stop along the Sakonnet River where you can find dozens of refreshing iced beverages served on outdoor picnic tables, making the shop a perfect spot to relax on a balmy afternoon. This season, owner Lisa Machado is working on a new product with help from Town Farm Tonics in Westport, MA. “They have created an elderberry lemonade mix, which we’ll be using in some seltzers with fresh lemon,” she explains.

Machado says that their Iced Peanut Butter Cup Latte and Iced Peanut Butter Honey are among the shop’s top sellers, along with the Iced Matcha, if that’s your cup of tea, so to speak. “People are trying to find a balance between what is tasty and something on the healthier side. We have fresh-brewed unsweetened iced tea that’s very good with a splash of lemonade, an old-time classic.” They also serve fresh fruit smoothies, made without any additives. “We can tailor how it’s sweetened, with a little sugar, or a little honey.” Tiverton, CoastalRoastersCoffee.Square.Site



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