Food News: Out-of-the-basket picnic experiences, Newport Wine & Food Fest & vegan cookie dough delivered


Uptown Food & Spirits owners curate out-of-the-basket experiences

Though a wedge of cheese and sleeve of crackers on a woodsy table will do the trick in a pinch, new Warren-based Perfect Picnix dares to take the experience further with sturdy pallets of fresh fruit, artisanal meats, and gourmet jams; Bohemian plush pillow seating; wine flowing from crystal vessels; and even a selection of playlists, scavenger hunts, and lawn games like bocci or cornhole. A recent acquisition of Sweet Streams Chocolate Fountains even allows for cascading waterfalls of chocolate, cheese, or barbeque sauce.

“We reinvent the nostalgic tradition of lovingly handmade picnics that transform an ordinary day into a magical occasion,” says co-owner Alyssa Ann Heller. “We can do something as simple as preparing a romantic picnic for two, which can be picked up at our Warren facility. Or we can do a larger-scale custom event, delivering to the destination of your choice,” whether that’s Colt State Park or a backyard soiree sampling the bounty of fall harvests. Warren

Dive into the world of wine and food with Newport Mansions

In its 16th year, the Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival is a chance to take a global tour of culinary traditions, all in the exquisite settings of Rosecliff and The Breakers Stable. Following last year’s smaller-scale edition of the celebrated festival, The Preservation Society of Newport County anticipates a sellout weekend of foodie seminars and world-class wine and spirit tastings come September 17-19. Sunday Brunch & Bubbly, The Vintner Dinner celebrating Newport chefs, and plenty of wine-pairing dinners are all once again on the itinerary, but a new experience is a series of intimate explorations of Italian wines hosted by Santa Margherita at The Breakers Stable & Carriage House.

If wine isn’t your thing, don your daytime event casual-wear for a history lesson in rum, a sampling of Southern-inspired shrimp from Super Bowl Champion Jarvis Green, or even a Beers of the World Tasting with savory Cabot cheeses. Get your tickets early for a variety of events before they sell out. 

RI bakery’s sister business specializes in vegan cookie dough

There’s only one thing better than fresh-baked cookies right out of the oven: a spoonful of the dough straight from the fridge. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure when you’re indulging in Party Sloth, a sister-brand of RI-based Celebrated that recently launched a line of vegan cookie dough you can get by the tub. Though entirely bakeable, owner Becky Morris explains, “Our cookie dough stands out because it is dairy-free, egg-free, and 100 percent safe to eat raw. Safety is a key priority, so we use heat-treated flour and a starch-based egg replacer.”

With a tagline of “vegan treats for chill times,” this snack can appropriately be found in the refrigerated aisle of select Dave’s Fresh Marketplace locations, easily recognizable by the blue compostable container covered in joyful sloths in party hats. “If there’s enough demand for our dough, we’re told it may be making an appearance at more Dave’s locations,” says Morris, or you can order online from anywhere and even subscribe for monthly dough-liveries. 


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