East Bay Bike Path: The Ultimate Guide

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After a long and grueling winter, it’s finally time to get back outdoors and enjoy one of the true treasures of our little corner of Rhode Island, the East Bay Bike Path. We might be a little biased, but we think it’s just about the best 14.5 miles of outdoors you’ll find anywhere in the Ocean State - and it’s certainly the best bike path the state has to offer. Running along the coastline (and the old railroad line) from Bristol to Providence, the East Bay Bike Path spans sweeping ocean views, beautifully maintained parks, historic town centers, bridges and much more.

A stroll down the path on a warm summer afternoon will offer the best illustration of what the bike path truly is. You’ll see a romantic retreat for hand holders and picnickers; challenging terrain for exercise junkies looking to escape the gym and enjoy the breeze; an effective way to get from point A to point B without red lights and car horns for day trippers; a classroom that teaches about the plants and animals that depend on the wetland ecosystem for learners; a safe and beautiful environment for dog walkers. The East Bay Bike Path is a lot of things to a lot of people. 

Our Rhode Island forefathers saw the importance of the trans-suburban rail from Providence to Bristol - which is the idea the path was constructed upon. We encourage you to celebrate their grand vision and spend the season on the path. Enjoy frozen lemonade from Del’s, become a novice bird watcher and try to spot a Red-bellied Woodpecker, walk the wooden path around the Audubon Society, bike to the carousel in Crescent Park, enjoy some fresh seafood at Blount Clam Shack. The options are endless, but the warm days are not - so dust off your sneakers and hit the path.

Parks Along the Path

Catch your breath at one of these resting grounds

Places to Drop Your Kickstand

Tour the towns along the way

The Bike Path's Wild Side

Humans aren't the only ones enjoying themselves

No Gym Needed

Work that butt - on bike or on foot

Grab a Bite at Blounts

Rest and refresh at either of 2 locations

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