Dog Gone Adventures

A new kind of dog walk


I’ve always wondered where my English Springer Spaniel Milo dreams of when he is curled in the corner in his bed nodding off while his paws mimic the most free-spirited run of his life. After talking with Ruffin’ Wranglers’ owner Blythe Penna, I very well may have my answer. Ruffin’s off-lead dog excursions let pups run free on 15 acres and five and a half miles of hiking trails in Rehoboth, with a pack of other pooches to explore with and a river for those that fancy a swim. Penna describes the Wrangler excursions as nothing short of “puppy nirvana.”

After 14 years in the medical sales field, Penna’s world changed when she got her dog Roma, a seven-year-old Vizsla. In love with doggy motherhood, Penna knew she wanted to find a way to have Roma at her side at work. After brainstorming ideas, pet excursions was a clear winner, allowing Penna and Roma to be social, active and spend their days exploring the great outdoors. Roma hits the trails with Mom every week, and Penna couldn’t be happier with her hiking schedule. An everyday inspiration for the business, like all members of the Ruffin’ Wranglers extended family, Roma is one happy, healthy, lucky and, at the end of a long day’s hike, exhausted pup.

Servicing Providence, Barrington and Rumford, Ruffin’ Wranglers' picks up pets from home, emphasizing convenience for working pet parents that want to make sure their little one is getting all of the attention, outdoor time and exercise they need. Following a meet and greet, pups get signed up for a weekly schedule. An average run is one and a half hours, either during the morning or afternoon session, but they also have an all-day hike available for pups feeling extra pent up (or needing to work off some of those Woof! Woof! baked goods).

“They learn the drill,” says Penna, of pups eagerly awaiting to be picked up and unleashed in the great outdoors. The Wranglers head out in rain, shine or snow, giving their four legged clients the exercise of their life and their owners the peace of mind that their pets are in great hands.

With dogs signing up for similar days a week and a small group of Wranglers who have been with the business from the beginning; people and pups alike form friendships and look forward to their trips to doggy camp. A fast growing four legged family, Ruffin’ Wranglers, all-action excursions may just be doggy dreamland. 


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