Diamonds are Forever at MRT Jewelers

Diamonds and rare gems might be the house specialty, but MRT has something for any budget


M.R.T. Jewelers has an impressive presence on the busy Warren Avenue in East Providence. With 7,000 square feet, the family owned business boasts the largest selection of fine jewelry in New England, which is pretty cool considering we’re the smallest state.

I met with David Audette, the V.P. of the company, who was tending to the many diamond engagement rings on display when I came in.

“Diamonds are where we live – this is our bread and butter,” David says, showing me fancy yellow and pink diamonds. Unique to the store is that all the ring settings are live, whereas most jewelry stores have fake rings made of alloy on display. “All we have to do is plug a stone into the setting,” he says.

Also in the main showroom are rare gemstones and jewelry designed by David, crafted in the on-site workshop. If there’s something you don’t see, he can make it for you. “Making it doesn’t cost any more than if I had it in the case. Custom designs don’t necessarily have to be expensive,” he says.

If rare gemstones and diamonds aren’t in your budget, don’t fret – there are options. Separate from the main showroom is a fashion jewelry showroom that has its own entrance and offers “affordable, fun, non-precious metals” perfect for special occasions and holidays. The highlight of the showroom is the Endless collection, that David calls “the next or the new Pandora” that start at just $39.
David has big dreams for the future of M.R.T. “I really see [M.R.T.] becoming a true destination store. I would like to be able to draw from a 25-mile radius,” he says. With their new school inventory and old school family friendly service and care, I don’t think they’ll have any problem with that.

M.R.T. Jewelers
927 Warren Avenue, East Providence