Coma Coma

Bristol boys conquer Providence


Since 2007, Bristol’s Coma Coma has been garnering a reputation as one of Rhode Island’s foremost rock acts. Their spacey, keenly orchestrated, kinetic sound often verges on the weird – particularly in regards to their lyricism. But in Rhode Island, where rock music often seems to live and die by its allegiance to Americana, this a welcome and refreshing departure.

The band, comprising Eric Sampson on bass and vocals, Steve Demers on guitar and Dan Ulmschneider on drums (Ulmschneider also beats the skins for Six Star General), took home Providence Phoenix’s Best Local Act honor in 2011 along with a Best Album victory for their Chateau Rex, a record that captures – with both urgency and nostalgia – the best of ‘90s-era fuzzy alternative rock, nodding its head equally to Zappa, Radiohead and Pavement.

They may not practice or play out as frequently as they’d like (though they’ve got a few shows coming up in the coming months – keep an eye on their Facebook page), but the band continues to chug along. They juggle the responsibilities and hazards of day jobs (Sampson recently injured his hand at work) and working to release more music, which is, above all else, Coma Coma’s primary goal.

“We are close to hitting the recording studio again,” says Ulmschneider. “We have enough songs now for another album. I’m always in a rush to get into the studio and start recording. But the more you practice the songs, the better the songs will sound in the studio. I imagine we will start recording sometime this year.”


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