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Clothes Horse Clothing Embraces Individuality

Bianca Jones brings vibrant and whimsical styles to the Rhody fashion scene


Chic, handmade, vintage-inspired clothing and accessories made in a 100% environmentally conscious way? You may think that sounds too good to be true, but Bianca Jones, owner and designer behind Clothes Horse Clothing, is doing just that. The Barrington-based designer has been featured multiple times in StyleWeek, designing for over five years and selling commercially for three, with products available at Weird Girl Creations Pottery Studio.

Bianca describes how growing up she was a bit of a tomboy, afraid that dressing up would draw unwanted attention and commentary from her peers. One day during her freshman year of college, where she studied ceramics and art education, she came home from class and found an old sketchbook, filled with fashion illustrations. She realized that the fear that controlled the way she dressed had also prevented her from experimenting with sewing and constructing her own garments like she’d always wanted. “So,” she says, “I watched a video on YouTube about pattern drafting and purchased four yards of this awful galaxy printed textile from the sale section. Several hours later I had an awesome pair of pants with a bow front that acts as functioning pockets. I still wear them today. With my first success, sewing and design have become an addiction with an impressive hold over my life.” Now she runs the ceramics program at a local high school and runs her business afternoons, nights and weekends.

Bianca’s story of finding her confidence is definitely reflected in the style of her designs – both in the bold, fun clothes she makes and the mantra of her whole line, which is all about innovating and being confident in yourself through fashion. The “Clothes Horse Manifesto,” which is featured on the Clothes Horse website, is a collage of inspirational quotes and tips such as, “Embrace individuality,” and “Remove the phrase ‘I can’t pull that off’ or anything to that effect from your vocabulary.” Bianca’s designs aren’t just about expressing yourself freely; she’s also extremely dedicated to making sure her clothes come from an ethical place.

“As a designer, I’m committed to the idea of small batch, American-made garments with natural and man-made materials,” she says, “As an animal lover, we’ve committed to removing all animal products from our design.” Clothes Horse sources materials from textile recycling programs, vintage shops and U.S. based textile companies, and always make use of any scrap fabric or materials – so you can look good and feel good about what you’re wearing. Weird Girl Creations Pottery Studio, 33 Kent Street-Suite B, Barrington. 401-247-1397 


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