Add Cold Pressed Juice and Bowls from Warren’s Bevvies to Your Morning Routine

This Main Street juicery and smoothie bar ushers in spring with cold and caffeinated drinks


More warm days in the forecast means more cold drink cravings. Thankfully, Bevvies Bar in Warren has you covered with Riverside-based Borealis cold brew or nitro, Luluna Kombucha from Pawtucket, and then some. The juicery and smoothie spot specializes in fresh,
made-to-order bevvies and bowls, using locally sourced, high-quality ingredients. 

“We bring locals the most delicious products that also promote healthy digestion, immunity boost, and self love,” shares owner Emma McVeigh, whose shop is decorated with growing greenery and fresh florals to complement the colorful acai bowls and fruit smoothies coming out of the kitchen. Their juice is cold pressed in house, which means none of the nutrients and vitamins are lost in the process, and given infectiously upbeat monikers like Liquid Sunshine – a blend of strawberries, kale, orange, apple, and carrot. “It’s a great way to bring sweetness and greens into your day,” says McVeigh.

Acai bowls – featuring juice from the antioxidant-loaded superfood berry – are layered with delicately sliced fruits, seeds, and other healthy toppings, and taste like dessert. For instance, the “Chocolate Bowl, which is like a delicious vegan chocolate pudding,” says McVeigh, is a coconut, granola, honey, and banana-filled delight, topped with chocolate shavings, of course.

For breakfast on the go, there’s smoothies: “My personal favorite, which is made with all fresh fruits like the rest of our offerings, is the Island Breeze, with pineapple, mango, banana, strawberries, honey, coconut, and coconut milk. All of our products can also be customized since they are made to order.” Whether your wake-up ritual includes a caffeine fix or nutritious pick-me-up, a visit to Bevvies is a must. Follow @bevviesbar for seasonal specials and lemonades, and visit to order.


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