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New daycare service in Middletown offers something for both kids and their busy working parents


“No one told us when we were 10 that we needed to start saving for daycare then if we wanted to continue to work once we decided to have children,” says Britt Riley. Though she was grateful to be able to work remotely for the tech company she’s employed by after having her first child, “it was certainly isolating, and with an infant, it’s also a major learning experience.”

Britt says she and her husband cared for their two young daughters while simultaneously excelling in their careers, but attempting to maintain an individual sense of self “felt more complicated than it should have.” That’s where the idea for The Coggeshall Club in Middletown came along. “It was born out of a deep desire to show our children that we can be amazing parents while also showing them that we value our individual selves and feel fulfilled,” Britt explains.

The Coggeshall Club is not your average daycare. Britt and her business partner Morgan Everson, who works in the marine industry and runs her own content creation business, helped shape the child development program to give kids confidence as they progress into more structured educational experiences. Parents have unlimited access to shared and private workspaces.

The fitness suite features Peloton® Spin bikes that stream Peloton fitness and yoga programming, rowing, cardio machines, and free weights. The wellness area offers massage, counseling, reiki, and reflexology. According to Britt and Morgan, The Coggeshall Club is the first fully licensed daycare in the country to offer these workspace and fitness perks.

“It seemed natural that parents could decrease their commute time, decrease the shuffling between work, home, daycare, gym, the list goes on ­– and instead really optimize their productivity and their life experience through having access to everything we offer, under one roof, for one monthly fee,” says Britt. Memberships are customizable and fluid for families, ranging from a few hours to full-time weekly.

Since opening in August, the response from local families has been nothing short of extraordinary. Britt and Morgan say its been inspiring and validating to watch both kids and parents take advantage of the club. And this is just the start – the pair plans to open four additional clubs over the next year.

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